Terms of Service

Hello and welcome to my TOS. Here I will be explaining some rules that will apply when commissioning me. Please read this if you are wanting to commission me! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



  • I can decline any request.
  • I don’t do deadlines. Would you like to commission me WITH a deadline? Make sure to let me know straight away, so I can see what I am able to do.
  • I have a fulltime job besides making fursuits. Due to this I only take a few commissions each year.
  • I have the right to use photographs/videos of the suit anywhere, promote myself with it, or sell it. If you wish not me to do so, ask me BEFORE commissioning me.
  • Quotes can be given out and will be valid for 1 month. After this the quote expires, but you can always get a new one.
  • Adding extra features while the quote was already given out can result in extra charges.
  • I only work with you if you are 18 years or older.
  • I am not responsible for your health. Know your limit when suiting, take a break frequently.
  • My Terms of service might change regularly.
  • ”Secrets” can be added, make sure to ask before I give you a quote. (Mature, 18+)



  • All payments must be made trough PayPal or bank transfer (Europe)
  • I can work with payment plans. (roughly 3/4 months maximum)
  • Work will be started when 60% or more has been paid off.
  • If payments are made with a payment plan, and the customer misses a payment, there could be delays in the making of your product. If the commissioner doesn’t let me know in time that there will be a delay I could drop the commission.
  • When commissioning me, a 30% non-refundable amount needs to be made. This is to buy the materials so I can start building your product.
  • If a project gets canceled while I am already in the process of making it a refund is possible, however, 30% of the total cost will be deducted for materials as stated above.
  • If product is close to being finished and needs a refund, I have the right to refuse the refund or I will sell the product but remove parts to make it ‘’a new character’’.
  • If you decide you do not want the commission anymore after 14 days of payment you can get your money back (if taxes were involved, you will get the full amount minus made taxes). After 14 days you do not have this option aymore and the downpayment will be kept. If this happened you will be blacklisted for any further commissions/sales.


  • Shipping is NOT included in the price.
  • You might be able to pick up the fursuit. This has to be told before the suit is completed, otherwise I will ship the fursuit. At con delivery can be arranged aswell (if I am attending said con).
  • Products won’t be shipped before everything (including shipping) is paid in full.
  • If the suit has any damage within 30 days of receiving the item I will fix it with no cost, IF it is handled well/you can prove it has been handled well. If item is roughly handled with I won’t take responsibility for your actions. (shipping costs to me and back aren’t included and has to be paid by the commissioner.)

And that’s it! Do you still have questions that didn’t for answered? Feel free to ask!