Kigurumi’s by FuzzyFurCreations

All kigurumi’s features…

  • A lovely embroidered face
  • Deep pockets
  • Lined hood
  • Big soft ears
  • Fur details
  • One size fits most

Pre-made kigurumi’s

I also sell premade kigurumi’s at conventions. These have all features listed on the left, but also include;

  • A badge
  • One sided reference sheet

Both are illustrated by Clear-Eclair

All handmade with love

Pricing is variable as your character can range from simple to very complex. The pricing shown is an estimate, but please reach out to me if you want to know more!

Basic €1.650+

Includes up to 2 colors, simple design and some fur details.

Simple design
Custom face embroidery
Fluffy cheeks & hairpoof
No tail included

Complex €2.500+

Includes up to 5 colors, medium design and fur details.

More difficult designs
Wider range in colors
Custom face embroidery with a few revisions
Fluffy cheeks & hairpoof
All sewn markings
Tail included

Did you know…

Each kigurumi comes with custom face embroidery? Complex designs come with a few revisions. You can also deliver your own drawing to make into a kigurumi hood design!

Cute fur details
A lovely embroidered face
Lined hood
Made from fleece
Large buttons
Super deep pockets (even bottles fit)
Perfect for partial suiting!
One size fits most