Fullsuit Prices

Starting at €4.500,-

Head, handpaws, feetpaws, bodysuit and a tail

Each fursuit will have their price based on multiple factors. Does your character have a lot of colors, wings, tails or more..?

What’s all included?

  • Head and feet fully lined inside with Lycra
  • Follow me or static eyes (3D & 2D)
  • Removable velcro or magnet tongue (optional)
  • Polyfill removable padding
  • Zipper in front of the body
  • ’’Belt’’ loop tail, sewn in, or with zipper (zipper costs extra)
  • Squeaker in tail / other parts available (optional)
  • Static jaw
  • Feet & handpaws
  • Plantigrade or digitigrade bodysuit
  • Plush or hard teeth
  • Excellent ventilation, fan can be installed for an extra fee

My heads are always foam based, unless you’d like

something else. I can work with other people’s resin bases, but it would

increase the cost to purchase said base. I am a toony fursuit builder, and I have only made a few

realistic suit till now. Consider that when wanting to commission me for

anything else then a toony suit!

Shipping is not included in the prices. I ship from The

Netherlands. Taxes/import fees may apply.